The Loved Ones have released 2 albums and 2 EPs up until now. Hopefully their latest album, Build & Burn, isn’t the last that the band publishes. First official release that the band had was actually a demo recording, two demos actually, titled Demo and Demo 2. After that, the band managed to find a label and started releasing actual albums. Oh, it’s worth noting that the entire discography released by the band is available for free streaming and optional purchase on Bandcamp.

The Loved Ones EP

It all officially started with a self titled EP which was released back in the 2005. It featured 5 songs most of which were written by Hause. Only 2 were written by both Hause and Sneeringer. These two songs, “Chicken” and “Candy Cane” were actually featured on their earlier Demos. EP has the usual punky sound, with wild guitar riffs and Davids raspy voice.


Keep Your Heart

Next release that the band made is their first official album titled “Keep Your Heart”. There were 13 songs on it, with a couple of repeats from earlier Demos and even one from Hauses band The Curse that he was in before starting The Loved Ones. Some songs like “100k” are featured once again on this album.

Build & Burn

Second album release from The Loved Ones didn’t happen until 2008, two years after “Keep Your Heart”. This new album was titled “Build & Burn”. It had 10 all new tracks with a lot of new sounds and instruments thrown into the mix. We’re talking organ, harmonica, accordion and even a saw. Have a listen down below.


Last that we heard from The Loved Ones, the last release from them, was an EP, titled “Distractions”. On the EP they continued to collaborate with Franz Nicolay, who played the piano and organ bringing a unique sound into the usual punk rock style of the band. Total of 3 songs of them were on the EP, plus another 3 covers of songs from Springsteen (Johnny 99), Billy Bragg (Lovers Town Revisited) and Joe Strummer (Coma Girl).